Can you clean your own Upholstery? Pooler Ga. 31322

Can You Clean Your Own Upholstery?

I wanted to know if anyone has cleaned a "professional clean only" piece of furniture. I have a recliner that needs to be cleaned. I'm tempted to use our Bissel power steamer's upholstery attachment with either water or a water and vinegar solution. Any suggestions for DIY upholstery cleaning?


Know Your Fabric

I too thought I could steam clean my sofa. Fortunately, I still had the information from the manufacturer on the fabric content (mine is 51% rayon, 49% polyester), and called to see what they recommended. If I had steam cleaned it, the fabric would've shrunk horribly and my wonderful sofa would've been ruined. I checked the info I received with a reputable cleaner I know, and it was confirmed. So if she still has the fabric information, it's best to find out what the contents are. I'm going to have my sofa "foam" or "dry-cleaned."

Baby Wipes Clean Upholstery?

You would be amazed with what baby wipes do. My sister-in-law has a cleaning business and doesn't use anything abrasive. She told me that she uses baby wipes to clean furniture. When I had my own child, and a whole new category of spills, I tried her suggestion out. I was amazed with how well it worked. There isn't too much water and soap, but enough to get stains and dirt out.

We had great success cleaning my husband's "no water" recliner with Dryel dry cleaning cloths. It was faster, easier and less smelly than the upholstery cleaner we used on the water-cleanable recliner. It took 2 of the cloths (it was really filthy!), and it looks, feels, and smells great!  Need a pro? Feel free to call Choice Care Carpet Care @ 912-354-3067.  Stain tips