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A professional carpet steam cleaning service provides a deep down clean using high grade, industrial equipment and powerful cleaners that can remove nearly any stain. Though many at-home carpet cleaning machines are sold today, their cleaning capabilities and water extraction power do not compare to the commercial equipment of a professional cleaning business.

Steam Cleaning Process

The carpet cleaning technician will need to pretreat any stained areas with a stain removing solution. Depending on your needs and the company’s equipment, the technician may use a portable commercial-grade machine or a truck-mounted system. Either model will provide the same deep cleaning capability, but a truck-mounted model may be preferable in some respects.

Because all water, cleaning solution, and waste remains on the truck, it is unlikely that anything will be spilled on your floors or furniture. Of course, technicians take precautions not to spill anything when using a portable steam cleaning machine as well. On the downside, a truck-mounted model is noisy and emits exhaust fumes since it relies on the truck’s engine or a diesel generator for its electricity.

Using one or two passes to apply the water and cleaning solution combination, the technician will take several passes to extract dirty water from the carpet. Commercial steam cleaning equipment has a powerful suction that removes nearly all of the water from the carpeting. This helps shorten drying times.

Choicecare Carpet cleaning service provides a high level of deep down clean that simply cannot be matched with a vacuum alone. A professional cleaning returns your carpets to a nearly new appearance and leaves them free of dirt, allergens, and stains. For an appointment or questions please call us @ 912-354-3067 in Savannah Ga. Or in Hinesville Ga. call 912-368-7337. Carpet Cleaning