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Choice Care Carpet Care will clean your carpet and have them dry fast! Have you ever wondered the difference between carpet cleaning methods?

Dry Cleaning? ​  ​ Not after you read this! First I will explain dry cleaning. Many people believe the dry cleaning your carpet is like dry cleaning your clothes. This is not true. When a cleaner uses dry foam, he applies shampoo to your carpet, allows it to dry, and then vacuums the dried shampoo. (Where's the rinse?)

The dry-chem Method.  The company sets large cotton bonnet on your carpet. Using a machine, the bonnet spins from side too side, absorbing the dirt that is in the carpet. Bonnet cleaning is like trying to use a large towel to rub the dirt out of your carpet.

The dry-compound method.  They spread an absorbent mixture that looks like wet sawdust all over your carpet. Then a machine brushes the mixture  into the carpet, which theory, causes dirt to absorb the mixture. When the mixture has dried, a vacuum cleaner sucks the material out of the carpet.

The Most Thorough Cleaning Method:  Hot Water Extraction:  This is a fancy way of saying that a hot water cleaning solution under high pressure is forced into the carpet and then sucked out of the carpet. This method is also referred to as stem cleaning, even though is not used. Not surprisingly, truck mounted Steam Cleaning system much better because it heats the water to a higher temperature and shoots the cleaning solution into the carpet at higher pressure. This breaks up the dirt, bacteria, and pollens. Then the machine uses high suction to draw the dirt out of the carpet. This is the method we use.

No question, the most effective way to clean carpeting is with  a hot-water unit mounted on a truck. It is the most powerful cleaning machine on the market and the only machine that thoroughly cleans your carpet and rids it of dirt, harmful bacteria, fungus, chemicals, pollens, and tobacco residue.

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