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Green carpet cleaning chemicals and technology has been around for a while, but it is a new concept to some. There are several benefits to getting true green carpet cleaning that go way beyond how it obviously helps the environment. Below are a few of the reasons your next carpet cleaning should be done by experienced green carpet cleaning services.


Environmentally Friendly

The carpet cleaning industry has responded in a big way to the concerns of clients when it comes to the use of heavy and possibly toxic chemicals. The switch has been made by many to alternative products that are proven to be just as effective and safer to the environment as a whole. More emphasis is placed on cleaning with natural substances than powering stains and odors out using harsh chemicals. This gentler approach is better for your carpeting and provides less toxic wastewater that needs disposed of. 

Safe for People and Pets

Whether you fall on one side or the other in the debate about the safety of humans and pets with toxic chemical exposure, you can rest easier when making the conscious effort to limit the introduction of harsh chemicals to your home or office. Children and pets can be sensitive to chemicals on the skin, yet they are the most likely ones to be in close contact with carpets after they have undergone cleaning. All natural products will be less likely to cause allergic reactions and skin breakouts.

Less Is More

Unfortunately not every stain will completely come out using purely green cleaners. There can be the occasional stubborn ground in substance that requires the aid of additional chemicals. Luckily green carpet cleaning technicians know the type of arsenal to keep on hand to combat these problems. They will always strive to use the least amount of harsh chemicals as possible to provide perfect results. You can trust that they have run into the same problem before and know the right mixture needed to safely remove the stain without compromising the green cleaning efforts. Treatments like this are generally small areas or spots and do not involve the entire carpeted area. They will always offer their best advice on a positive solution.

Make your next carpet cleaning experience one that you can feel good about for the environment, health and longevity of the carpet. Make an appointment for your first green carpet cleaning today!  ChoiceCare Carpet Cleaning 📞