Spot/Stain Removal Procedures Hinesville GA 31313

Here is few tips on Spot and Stain Removal:  

1.  Remove Contamination (blot, vacuum)  2.  ​When determining how much solution to use in cleaning, start with small amounts. Using a flip-top bottle is recommended, or use a eyedropper.  ​3.   ​Dissolve with dry solvent action if unknown source.  4.  Do not over saturate when spotting.  5.  Use a towel to collect soils.  6.  Rinse with water based pre-sprays.  7.  Carry a spotting bottle with water based pre-spray and get the spots that do not come out when cleaning the 1st time. (while you are still cleaning)  8.  When removing spots/stains, work from the outside into the center of the spot/stain.  9.  When there is concern of spreading the spot/stain, contain it by surrounding the spot/stain. You can mix peroxide and ammonia in equal amounts and use this as your containment. It also aids in removing the color of the stain. 10.  Give your cleaning solution time to work. Dry solvents don't need the time that water-based solutions or specialty solutions need. 11.   Heat activates chemistry. Do not use excessive heat on protein spots/stains or on delicate fabric.  12.    Always completely rinse cleaning solutions from the fabric.   Help your carpet and or furniture to dry fast by.... Turning your thermostat up to 75 degrees, no cooler, for a 24 hour period or setting floor fans near the cleaned areas.  Air no cooler than 75 degrees will evaporate the moisture in the carpet for quick drying. Push fan switch to "ON" rather than "Auto" on air conditioner.   For more information please call Choice Care Carpet Care at 912-354-3067.Hinesville GA 31313