What To Do After The Carpet Cleaners Leaves, Savannah GA 31411

What To Do After The Carpet Cleaners Leaves
By following the steps listed betow, you are sure to get the most out of your cleaning investment:
1.     Drying time is according to the weather conditions outside. If humid or raining, it may take longer to dry.
2.    Your carpets will dry in 12 to 24 hours after the service was performed.  If the carpet is not dry within 24 hours from service, please call our office.
3.     Weather permitting, open the doors and windows to allow circulation.

4.     If it is summer, and if you have air conditioning, turn it on instead. Air conditioning not only cools down the air, but also pulls the humidity from the air, which will help with the drying process. 
5. Turn on any ceiling or oscillating fans(widow, tabletop or floor types) to create airflow and help speed up the drying process.
6.  It is OK to walk on your carpet after it has been cleaned, but we do tell our customers the following:

a.  Please keep pets off the wet carpet until dry if possible.

b.  If you must walk on your freshly cleaned carpets, use booties. If you choose not to wear booties avoid wearing shoes while walking on wet carpet, and be sure that feet are clean when walking on wet carpet.

7.  Be sure to leave the plastic tabs or foam blocks under your furniture until your absolutely sure the carpet is dry.  Wood stains, fabric dyes, and metal slides from furniture may leach into carpet fibers, causing permanent stains.

8.  Once carpet is dry, please let us know as soon as possible if you have any concerns with the quality of the services performed. We stand behind our service!

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